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Learn the top 3 Secrets to
fit in your favorite jeans
🧁 without giving up your favorite foods
😔 even if you're totally defeated and feel like you've tried everything

For the next few days get the
5 DAY Foodie Fit-In-Your-Jeans CHALLENGE

The 3 Secrets You Will Learn During the 5 Day Challenge

  • How to play the Rhino G-A-M-E to fit in your jeans without giving up the foods you love
  • How all you have to do is spend 3 minutes per day to ditch the weight loss roller coaster
  • How to fit in your jeans forever, even if you feel like you have tried and heard it all

GET REGISTERED FOR FREE TODAY WHILE YOU STILL CAN. This is going to become a course on my website, but for now it's freeeeeeeeeeee.


In this 5-Day challenge you will get LIVE, BEST-IN-CLASS WEIGHT LOSS TRAINING straight from Rhino Julie (THAT HER PRIVATE CLIENTS HAVE PAID $2,500/month for) absolutely FOR FREE Starting on January 10th.

Dear kindred spirit who loves food but also wants to fit in her jeans (lol),

Oh what a long roller coaster ride I've been on. 

Up and down, up and down, up and down on the scale.

But truly, the last 17 years of weight gain and loss have been worth it. 
Because I never settled for chicken, broccoli and sadness.

I never settled for a life of never missing a workout and trying to be a macro queen. 

Each time I lost weight I knew I was super miserable and if I kept up that routine I would not enjoy my life.

Would I be relegated to perfection for most of the week and then a pathetic, once a week 'treat'? 

Ew. That was no way to live.
But finally, I figured it out!
I figured out how to eat the foods I love and fit in my jeans forever.
No tricks, just 3 minutes a day.

And a lot of mindset-shifting.

And a lot of dropping the standard 'rules' that we are told we have to live by to get the results we want.

I was teaching my Rhino G-A-M-E method to my private clients for $2,500 per month.

And it was great. Because it works. What would you pay to never, ever worry about weight loss again and feel terrific in your skin every day while still eating your favorite foods?

But I missed working with groups and I wanted to make a bigger impact.

So, I did something crazy.

I put the Rhino G-A-M-E method in a free online 5 Day Challenge, called the Foodie, Fit-In-Your-Jeans Challenge.

I walk you through, step-by-step how to eat the delicious foods you love and still fit in your jeans.

Filled with camaraderie and support, the challenge has been a huge success.

And it's filled my heart. I feel like I'm living my purpose.

The results have been truly astounding.

Like Sheila Butler losing 4.6 pounds in 5 Days without restricting herself after doctors told her that her hashimotos thyroiditis would make it tough for her to lose weight.

Not to mention her perennial neuropathy that keeps her from walking and exercising very much. 

(I encourage .5-2 lbs a week tops, and we don't compare #'s, but she hadn't been able to lose any weight before this so this was a huge breakthrough. As of 3 weeks after the challenge she is up to 8 pounds lost)

Our participants that have seen these results have done it by adding just minutes a day to their routine.

We call those minutes the '3 to Thrive.'

And I can't wait to teach it to you in the next 5 Day Foodie, Fit-In-Your-Jeans Challenge!

Are you ready to come join me?
Learn how these 5 Day Challenge participants spent just 3 extra minutes per day 
and lost weight during the 5 Day Challenge, 
while learning how to keep the weight off for LIFE...
without giving up the foods they love 
and without all the emotional stress that comes with weight loss.

How does the challenge work?

Once you register, you will be taken to the Facebook Group

  • Starting Jan 10th, Rhino Julie will go live every day in the Facebook group 
  • You will learn her Rhino G-A-M-E method for all our busy food-lovers who want to still fit in their jeans!
  • ​You will follow her step-by-step guidance, completing the daily easy homework assignments
  • You will be able to catch the replay if you can't make it live!

Meet Your Host

Rhino Julie

  • Started Boot Camp Las Vegas (now called the Camp Rhino Gyms) in 2004 to lose 65 pounds
  • She lost weight but gained it back over and over again and felt like she could only keep the weight off by living a miserable, restrictive life.
  • She finally learned how to keep the weight off once and for all while enjoying food, friends and holidays and loves teaching others how to do the same.
  • She runs her gyms, and sometimes runs special challenges to help groups fellow food-lovers get off the scale roller coaster forever.

Meet Your Host

Rhino Julie

  • I started Boot Camp Las Vegas (now called the Camp Rhino Gyms) in 2004 to lose 65 pounds
  • I lost weight but gained it back over and over again and felt like I could only keep the weight off by living a miserable, restrictive life.
  • I finally learned how to keep the weight off once and for all while enjoying food, friends and holidays and loves teaching others how to do the same.
  • I run my gyms, take 3 private clients at a time, and sometimes run special challenges to help groups of Las Vegas women conquer their weight issues once and for all.

What If There Was a Way to Enjoy Food and Still Rock A Little Black Yoga Pant? (LOL)


What if I can't make the live challenge times?
Don't worry, it will be recorded and you can catch up anytime within 24 hours and still stay on track with the homework!
Why are you giving this away for free?
I have owned my gyms in Las Vegas for 17 years and I LOVE helping others strut their stuff and conquer their obstacles.

I believe that when we come together and lift each other up, we can do anything.

I know my business and family life has suffered every time I gained weight in the past and struggled to get it off.

I know I always felt like it wasn't possible to balance my personal health AND my business AND my family.

If I can help more fellow humans find their power and confidence, it can change the World.

Plus, I hope this challenge will spread awareness about my Rhino Gyms... Did you know we are 100% woman-owned? And, we only let nice people in ;)

Finally, you and I both know that some of you will need more than a plan. You will want some extra mindset help and accountability. And my team is here to help after the 5 Day challenge ❤️
Can I try your gym?
Heck yeah! We would love to have you. Here's a meeting with a coach, or you can try a class by giving us a call at 702-767-8797. 
What happens after the 5 Days?
It is my hope that you take your free plan that I give you, execute it, get amazing results, and tell all your friends how much the owner of the Rhino Gyms in Vegas helped you!

But many of us need extra accountability, and mindset support. 

So, I will be extending an invitation at the end of the challenge to anyone who is still participating to either join me in my group 6 Week Challenge, or meet with a coach to see if personal training or private nutrition coaching might be better. 
How do I become one of your private clients?
I am not currently accepting private clients, but you do get daily access to me during the small group 6 Week Challenge. 

I also have amazing nutrition coaches and personal trainers on my team who can also help.

"I am loving my life and still losing Weight. I had no idea i could enjoy the holiday meals and still be on track to reach my goals."

Annie B, Rhino Member



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